Infinity Character Storage Case

Deluxe Character Figure Storage Bag


  • Securely store, protect and transport all your Disney Infinity figures and Base
  • Large durable bag with multiple movable dividers to allow flexible storage for different size game figures
  • Storage for up to 32 game figures depending on the sizes, 1 Infinity Base, 3 game discs, game cards and other accessories
  • One internal and one back pocket for Power Disc, cards, Base,game discs, small booklets and etc. Include clip-on shoulder strap for easy carrying. Wipe clean material
  • Can also be used for other small game figures like Skylanders, compatible portal docs and electronic items (Infinity figures and base are not included)


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Product Description


This is a very nice bag that easily allows to carry and store a big collection, up to 32 Disney Infinity characters. There are a couple color options available but the outside black with inside red match perfectly with the Disney Infinity brand.

  • Can carry up to 32 Infinity figures and accessories.
  • Nice storage slots that allow easy access for game figures, discs, and the base.
  • Nice mix of Slots and Elastic bands that can hold characters or discs.
  • Decent materials and construction means this will last a long time.
  • The compartments are exactly matched to the Infinity characters so you have to play with it some to get them adjusted correctly.
  • There is no Infinity branding or characters on the outside. However to some this is a benefit.
  • The outer sides are not that rigid and if something heavy sits on it would break down easily.